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Located in Mid-Missouri, our farm offers high quality Straight Egyptian Arabian horses for all types of enjoyment.

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Cressant Hill Arabians

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Text Box: Cressant Hill Arabians offers over twenty-six years of experience in the equine industry, specializing in the most beautiful horses in the world, the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse.

We can counsel and guide you in the proper direction to be successful in your visions, goals and dreams with the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse. Helping you create your own business with these amazing animals...being your mentor each step of the way!

We offer pedigree research and terrific marketing materials, consultations and evaluations of bloodstock; as well as referrals to the industries top Arabian equine training professionals. All to start you on the right track...and keep you there.

Let us assist you with creating a business plan, show you the tax advantages and teach you proper record keeping. You will learn marketing strategies and advertising tips; that only years of hands on experience and hard work can offer.

We have happy clients from all around the world; and strive to do our best to offer you the best so that together we are the best in the Straight Egyptian Arabian community - making a great mark on the equine industry.

So no matter your interests: the show ring, the breeding barn or pleasure riding. Business or hobby farm; let us help guide you to being successful!

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Text Box: Breeders Reference Books
The Straight Egyptian Index of Arabian Horses by author Hansi L. Heck-Melnyk
Used, but in really nice like new condition, with one exception...a small tear to the top center binding on Vol IV, but it's location does not prevent it's use. No folds or creases.
"Collectible & Rare" - Reference Books for the serious Arabian Horse breeder and researcher.
Each book is signed, numbered and dated by the author! Series: 234/of 250 Date: 11/24/2002
  Volume II Mares - 1961 to 1989
This volume covers: In consistencies in Pedigrees, Sharkasi and his offspring, Disqualified "Straight Egyptians" tracing to "Kars", Errata, Indexed Straight Egyptian Females and much more. 
Volume III Stallions - 1961 to 1989
This volume covers: In consistencies in Pedigrees, Sharkasi and his offspring, Statistics, Disqualified "Straight Egyptians" tracing to "Kars", Errata, Indexed Straight Egyptian Males and much more.
Volume IV Desert to 1989
This volume covers: Photos of Serenity Bloodstock, Statistics, Errata, Indexed Mare Progeny and much more.
Volume V Desert to 1989
This volume is dedicated to the stallion *Khofo++ on his 27th Birthday!  And covers: Dedication with photos of *Khofo++ 1965-1991 and some of his offspring, statistics, Errata, Indexed Stallion Progeny and much more.
Volume VI Males & Females 1989-1994
This volume covers: Dedication, Questionable Parent-able Pedigrees, Errata to SEI Volumes 1 - V, name changes and corrections, statistics Production of "Asil Straight Egyptian Mares" 1980-1993 (13 years), acknowledgments, alphabetical index of Horses, photos and much more.
Retailed for over $1,200.00 when published...but you can buy ALL 5 BOOKS for only $500.00 + Shipping USPS PRIORITY.  These would make a terrific gift!
Text Box: Have you been looking for Arabian Pedigree Research Materials? If so, take a look at what we have. Payment Accepted by money order, personal check or cashier’s check.
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